Home of Ignacio Agramonte Camaguey

Ignacio Agramonte Home Camaguey

While you’re in Camaguey, one of the popular city attractions is the birthplace of Ignacio Agramonte a Cuban revolutionary, who played a key role in Cuba’s famous Ten Year War between 1868 and 1878. Agramonte was born in the province of Puerto Principe which is now part of Camaguey. Born on December 23 1841, he was the son of a wealthy family who sent him to study law in Barcelona, Madrid, and Havana. After graduating as a lawyer in 1865, he joined ranks in the war of independence against the Spanish.


His birth home is a yellow colored colonial building with a wooden balcony perched on both sides, at the time one of the tallest structures in Camaguey. During his military carrier Ignacio Agramonte became a general in the Ten Years War against the Spanish and is a Cuban hero. He was killed in battle in 1873 and has been a Cuban legend and father of Cuba’s revolution ever since. Unfortunately, only half of the original house remains however; it has been fully restored and now features a museum. Its beautiful courtyard has the famous Camaguey manufactured tinajón strewn in every corner, and upstairs rooms are furnished with historic artifacts from the period including articles from the wars for independence.